About Eye Tracking

 How does it work?

 What can you test?

 How is it useful?

 What does it show?

 What are the results?

Eye Tracking studies can reveal

  • What people see
  • What they ignore or avoid
  • What they find confusing or frustrating
  • What are the unwanted distracters

Eye Tracking studies used alone or in combination with usability studies can answer design questions such as

  • What is the “prime real estate” on my webpage?
  • What spatial arrangements work best?
  • Where do graphics enhance? Where do they detract?
  • What color schemes work best?
  • What typography works best?
  • What aspects of the design facilitate use? What causes impediments?
  • Is branding having the desired effect?
  • How does design interact with user characteristics (age, sex, education)
Heatmap of predefined areas of interest for a print ad. (Courtesy of Tobii Technology)